Italian Sausage Stuffed Pasta Shells

So this week I made a decision to not do groceries.  I always have so much food in the freezer and cupboards and I read an article that every once in a while skip groceries for a week and it will save you a bunch.  In saying that, I whipped up a great meal tonight for the fam.  Just sad I missed a pic of the cooked product.  You’ll have to trust me it was a beauty and tasted amazing!  My husbands favorite word for any meal is it’s okay but tonight he used the word amazing!  Maybe the world will end tonight.  Maybe not!  You’ll have to whip it up and decide for yourself…


1 package of 5 links Italian Sausage (I used mild)

1 medium cooking onion

1/2 green pepper

package of mushrooms

large can tomato sauce

2-3 cups cheese (whatever you have on hand)  I used

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

Box of jumbo pasta shells



Cook pasta shells (keep them a little firm as they will cook more in the oven). 

remove skin (or whatever the technical term is) from your sausage links and put the sausage  in a bowl

chop finely your onion, mushroom and green pepper and add it to the bowl

add 1/4 cup parmesan cheese to bowl. 

Mix all ingredients well by hand.

stuff mixture into cooked pasta shells and line them in a 9 x 13 baking dish.

Pour can of pasta sauce over the shells and top with shredded mixed cheese.

Cover with tin foil and cook for 45 minutes at 350.  Remove tin foil and cook for 15 more minutes or until cheese starts to brown.

Let stand 5 minutes and use a spatula to transfer to plates.





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