Reindeer Treats

This is such a fun and easy annual Christmas tradition in our home.  I love finding use for all my left over cookie sprinkles and the kiddos love to prepare this special treat for Santa’s reindeer.


a bag of oats

cookie sprinkles (mix with sugar if you don’t have enough sprinkles)

baby food jar or spice jar


spoon oats into jar and fill to almost half

add sprinkle mix

fill remainder oats into jar

place lid on top

print tags (link below to a great craft website)

(if you are making a bunch, just have all the kiddos spoon oats into a bowl, add sprinkles and stir.  Then place some into baggies and staple the tag on the baggies.)

On Christmas Eve, right before bed,  head outside with your kiddos and have them pour the treats on the lawn.   Have them clap their hands three times to call Santa’s reindeer.  Then run up to bed as Santa only comes when they are sleeping.  When they are sleeping and Santa arrives the reindeers’ will eat the treats and the kiddos will be so excited to wake up to seeing some of the treats were gone.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve!!!


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